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Colors,Robot Love,and One Man

As you walk through the art show;(which happened the 20-22) at the Power at the Pass,you can't help but notice one of the rooms filled with vibrant abstract galore...

Diego Martinez had his art work displayed at the Power at the Pass art show ;"Elemental".
Diego Martinez posing with his works of art.

It is the work of Diego Martinez or better known as "Diego Robot",a nickname derived with his liking towards creating art of robots. His favorite in particular being two robots lovingly holding hands. Which by coincidence was sold that night.

"That was the hardest piece to make out of all my work",said Martinez ;pointing to his other large and complex paintings.The most simple yet loving piece was the hardest to conceive.

An artist who started taking art a lot more serious back in 2009 is on the brink of something bigger;remembers having to trade paintings at gas stations for gas and the all too familiar empty pockets of an artist waiting for the dream.

As you stare upon his art in the corner of the building;in a brightly lit room in the middle of the lonely streets of Central El Paso; one can only think what can inspire a person to make something like this? One answer,it's Miles Davis. As well as many other musicians such as Flying Lotus, and Nicolas Jaar,. While working on one of his pieces of work, the music caused him to think "Man this has me feeling a certain way" said Martinez. Not only does he find inspiration through music but through Van Gogh and Picasso.

Not only does he have art on display at the Power at the Pass but has works at different businesses and as well as "stuff at the house I'm always (messing with)" said Martinez with a small grin. He also has work at the thChrch and is always working on a new shirt design,

It's a dream" Martinez said. Martinez also stated "We kind of question our genius or intellect (speaking of other artists); we overlook it and a lot of people don't have (what) it (takes).Further adding "they don't go out to take the time to paint, 4 hours after work every day".

Diego Martinez's abstract on display at Power at the Pass

Martinez also tries to keep the art market high for a better local market value. Also pointing to Hal Marcus as one of the artists who has helped the local art market keep its value. Stating "When you keep your prices high, you keep the gallery market high",said Martinez.

But not only does it help the prices but as well as the respect for the art . "It seems when you keep your prices high, more people respect it for some reason".

On a night of art and music, this artist has the passion and perseverance to never give up.All his work is from a year's work of art,passion, and a will to make the dream come true.Always.

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